Pineapples Day Out

We are sold out! You can find pineapples on the secondary market on OpenSea.

Pineapples Day Out is a collection of 5000 programmatically, randomly generated NFTs based on 109 different traits such as skins, crowns, accessories, and others, on the Ethereum blockchain.


- What is the price per mint?
0.02 Fixed Price

- Where does my Pineapples Day Out NFT go after I purchase?
Your Pineapple(s) will appear in whatever address or connected wallet you used to purchase. You can also see your Pineapple(s) on Opensea.

- How many Pineapples can I mint?
20 Pineapples per transaction

- What can I do with my Pineapple?
Anything. Just do not try to eat it.



Community Building
Complete Artwork

25% SOLD

Pineapple Bay is opened
Construction of the Museum begins

50% SOLD

Museum is being furnished and a Grand Opening event is being prepared

75% SOLD

Grand Opening of the Museum

100% SOLD

5000 Coconuts are released on the blockchain
A cocktail bar has popped up in the neighbourhood

Pineapple Bay is a beach that is open to all members of the community. This is where all celebrations of road-map milestone achievements will take place throughout the decade.

So.. grab a drink, wear your shades and party like its 1999.

The Museum will be opened to all members of the community to visit anytime. What makes the museum special is that it will be filled with artwork that is on the Ethereum blockchain. All artwork will be bought by the moderators through direct purchases, placing bids via auction and making offers.

95% of the artwork bought for the museum would have been created by verified pineapple holders and the remaining 5% would have been created by non-verified pineapple holders.

The Cocktail bar is an exclusive bar for only the holders of both pineapples and coconuts. There will be weekly game nights hosted by the Moderators.

These include Trivia, Poker, Riddles and then Giveaways. There will be prizes of other NFTs or even Ethereum.


Our pineapples are all unique, but some are rarer than others. You can find out about your pineapple's rarity on

About the team

Vanessa (vandemlau#0301)

Founder / Artist

Laura is a small 23 year-old Ugandan female who enjoys watching sports and playing video games. She graduated in May with a Bachelors Degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting. She has been active in the NFT community since late March 2021. She was able to identify the general under-representation of Africans in NFTs. She has been trying to (and will continue to) bring them on board in any way that she can, using @AFR_ToTheWorld. She believes everyone needs to have a chance to create a future for themselves.

Natasha (kabcd#7344)

Lead Artist / Co-Founder

Natasha is a woman and an artist. If she had to describe herself in three words, she would fail because there’s only one definition for her, and that’s art. She recently joined the NFT community in late march 2021 and there’s nothing better than having a community that appreciates art in all its glory. She hopes to make her name known and respected in the community. She also loves pineapple juice and dark chocolate.

Silvere (Lambdalf the White#4526)


Silvere is a 34 year-old French expatriate living currently in Idaho with his wife and his two kids. He has been observing the NFT space since March 2021 and decided to learn blockchain and smart contract development in May. Since then, he was able to quickly learn enough to be able to deploy his first smart contract in the first half of July, before joining the Pineapples team as sole developer. He spends most of his free time helping out others on Discord developer circles.

Sydney (PineappleHead#4535)

Community Manager

Sydney is a Ugandan from a family of 4; a law student currently studying in Uganda Christian University (UCU), but his education has been disrupted by the pandemic as the government placed lockdown restrictions in 2020 as a way to prevent the spread of COVID. Even though he has not been able to study and complete his classes as smoothly as he would have hoped, he would love to incorporate law with technology such as NFTs. Pineapples Day Out is his first NFT project.